Welcome to The Citizen, a publication of the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne. 

The Citizen has several aims. Foremost, it is a teaching tool that showcases the work of the students in the Master of Journalism and Master of International Journalism programs, giving them real-world experience in working for an industry standard, independent masthead.

The Citizen is also a flagship of the Centre, making its research and public events more widely accessible to the public and the news media. It’s also a tool for innovation and experimentation, serving as a test-bed for research-in-action, trialling innovative journalistic methodology.

Finally, The Citizen aims to be a compelling, stimulating and thought-provoking masthead in its own right, with an emphasis on quality journalism that, in part, seeks to ‘back fill’ on issues and events neglected by mainstream media battling cut-backs and cost constraints.

Editorially, The Citizen operates independent of the University, underscored by its Charter of Editorial Integrity, which is endorsed by the University Council. A not-for-profit enterprise, it draws financial support from a mix of university and grant monies, and public donations. The latter include a contribution from businessman and philanthropist Paul Bendat.

The Centre for Advancing Journalism: Mission

Leadership — Our concept of leadership embodies inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, creativity and intellectual integrity.

Innovation — We will advance Journalism through our innovation in teaching, experimentation and engagement. We see the opportunities in the power of the new tools for informing and being informed. We will be a hub of thinking, conversation and creativity.

Vision — We will embrace the opportunities in change, even as we heed the threats. We see the opportunity in the power of the new tools for informing and being informed. We will harness the unprecedented potential for a more engaged citizenry.

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Editor: Jo Chandler [email protected] ; +61 3 90354037